VYPA Corporation Terminates Agreement with HIDAKA
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) April 22, 2013

VYPA Corporation announced the mutual termination of the iSocialTV Platform Revenue Share Distribution Agreement with HIDAKA Construction (M) Sdn Bhd.

“VYPA Corporation and subsidiaries agreed to terminate the revenue share agreement with HIDAKA in view of no progress (after almost 2 years of waiting) from HIDAKA in building their 821-824 ; 866-869 Military Grade Spectrum Network whereby iSocialTV could have been launched for a greater reach of interactive internet to the general rural population in Malaysia” said CEO M.Vijjay.

“The good news is that VYPA Malaysia completed its soft roll out building iSocialTV in Kuala Lumpur, http://iSocialTV.com.my. The interactive operating platform will serve as the core foundation for the Malaysian interactive computing needs. VYPA joined forces with the Malaysia’s leading Data Center to form the first layer of interactive computing grid. More importantly, it was prudent to resolve non-performed obligations while focusing our efforts in cooperation with a Public Company Limited (PLC) having ample resources and tech know-how experience to forge ahead with our business objectives.” He continued.

“VYPA and subsidiaries have opened expansive new market opportunities in Europe, Malaysia and India. With the ready-to-market platforms serving international SME clients worldwide as well as media and entertainment market, we should not wait for opportunities. Instead we create new opportunities. VYPA’s Interactive Digital Social Media Broadcast and HEXA2’s Telepresence virtual venues have become the leading sources of interactive rev-share opportunities. Since February 2013, VYPA has been preparing its ground work serving the HOW associated with Interactive Departments (ID) services. ID will become the new business services serving SME serving our valued clients.”” he reiterated




VYPA Corp™ is the supplier of helix of interactive social media platforms iSocialTV™ Global Initiative and HEXA2. The company provides secured and non-secured business and consumer interactive social media digital broadcast virtual venue services through Multi System Operator (MSO) grid. VYPA and its strategic alliance acquire and / or build backbone digital media infrastructures and platforms through iSocialTV and HEXA2 global brands.

iSocialTV™ and HEXA2 are the next generation of interactive social media broadcast platforms that integrate many popular functionalities into one seamless interactive broadcast virtual venue including live and unified communications. Founded on proprietary intelligent media algorithms developed by its strategic investment partner, NetStairs.com, VYPA Corp seeks MSO as its global strategic subsidiary partner through country centric grids serving “origin” GEO IP distribution medium connected to world’s largest CDN cloud comprised of 105,000 servers, 1,900 data centers located in 87 countries. Currently, VYPA has offices in Malaysia, India, Holland and the U.S.

VYPA vide its technology collaboration licenses with NetStairs provides blue-chip stock enterprises, telecom operators, mobile service providers, cable and DTH companies, data centers, ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), global brands, ad agencies, content producers and TV broadcasters with interactive managed hosted services.